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We are a Dubai-based energy metering and submetering installer with hands-on expertise and trusted by national and international brands.


Whether it’s about electricity, water, heat/cold, or load management, Eagles Crew LLC provides what you need to ensure that your energy is managed with increased precision and reliability.

Energy consumption awareness is the key to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency on your machines and electrical, water & chillers assets.

With measuring devices not only you can split the bills but also get a detailed picture of energy consumption and the specific areas where energy is being used.


Energy Meter (Electrical)​

An Energy Meter measures the amount of electric energy consumed by a residence, a business, or an electrically powered device.

BTU Meter (Thermal Meter)

BTU Meters accurately measure the thermal energy of chilled water consumption in British thermal units (BTU).

Water Meter

Water Meters are sensors that indicate flow totalization of water and measure the volume of water used.

General Maintenance & MEP Works

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing accounts for a significant amount of the maintenance.

Discover complete details by contacting our experts to design and monitor energy consumption and energy costs in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Why Eagles Crew?

All of us at Eagles Crew have a passion to deliver fantastic results through best quality workmanship and within the client budget. We combine the technical experience, best team to execute the job at its best quality.

 Delivering what we promise, when we promise it! We believe in exceeding our clients’ expectations and consistently achieving excellence through our agility, innovation and best practices. Our commitment to support and add value for our customers, drives everything we do.

Partnering with us has many benefits. These are just a few.

You Can Bank on Us

We are committed to provide quick response and effective results that exceed expectations through collaborative partnerships with our clients.

We Work 24x7

We are open for all kind of emergencies and the convenience of the client, anyone can call us anytime.

Our Skills

We ensure customer service and efficiencies in time and processes, enabling clients to concentrate on its core businesses.

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We deliver most effective and quick responses to all around UAE.